Histoire de salvia - suite et fin?

Bon maintenant je sais que quand on a un problème de sauge... il faut s'adresser à Robin (pas des bois mais bien des sauges!).

Nu vet jag vem man skall prata med när man har salvia problem...det är Robin man skall prata med.

Voilà sa réponse / här är hans svar:

Hello Anne,   It certainly looks like a form (there are so many) of Salvia microphylla, which is also known incorrectly as Salvia grahamii. It is hardy down to about -8 degrees, the frost will kill much of the top growth, but it should resprout in spring. If you are keeping it in a pot, keep it on the dry side in winter, as it does not like being waterlogged. If your plant is still in a pot, best to leave it there, and plant it outside next spring.  

Sympa n'est-ce-pas ? Comment faisait-on avant Internet?
Jättetrevligt. Hur gjorde man innan Internet?


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