Dancing with ze green fairy

Bon attention je me lance! Traduction de l'article précédent dans ce que j'espère être de l'anglais.

Ett försök till att översätta förra inlägget till vad jag hoppas är någon form av engelska!  Ingen svenska den gången alltså!

Last Friday, we had Absinthe tasting with work!  This drink was very fashionable in the beginning of the 20th century in France first and later in the rest of the world. It was suddenly unfairly accused of making people crazy. It was therefore forbidden during many years, in many countries.  I pass on a few details...  Our expert knows everything about the history of this drink and wants to demystify it.  I think absinthe reminds very much of Pastis but with a more complex taste. Moreover, there is a ritual around it that doesn't exist with Pastis!

We tasted four different absinthes: 2 Swiss, one German and one French.
The first step is to drop ice-cold water from a fountain, on a peace of sugar. The sugar is placed on a special absinthe spoon. 

On this picture, it's an IKEA glass, but there are also special absinthe glasses.  The proportions are about 3-5 volumes of water for one volume of alcohol. 

Here is the fountain. This one is a simple copy. 

The collectors are looking for the old utensils that are for sale for example on the french Ebay. But they are also companies who build and sell new stuff like one called Frenchman !  
OK, I pass on the pictures of my colleagues. As for me, I threw away haft of each glass but the green fairy can't have been too far!

Here is more interesting links recommended by our expert:


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